INMET history

INMET is a reliable partner in the international market
Metallurgical equipment and technology.

  • 1990 October

    – Beginning, October 1990, Russian Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange, Metek enterprise, exchange trading in production and raw materials assets, barter operations, wholesale trade in rolled metal products, ferroalloys, scrap metal.

  • 1998 March

    – March 1998, Promzagotovka Trading House is the leader in the wholesale trade of rolled metal products. Production of steel technological workpieces for machine-building enterprises, with its own service metal center and warehouses for storing metal products.

  • 2002-2011

    – 2002-2011, Scientific and Production Enterprise “TOCHMET”, a research and production complex with its own production and experimental base, research laboratory, design and engineering bureau. Development and implementation of new metallurgical technologies and equipment. Own machine-building capacities were created, capable of producing new equipment for horizontal continuous casting of steel, rolling mill equipment, and rolled processing machines. The engineering divisions of SPE “TOChMET” were opened in Turkey and Romania with the expansion of areas of development in the field of special metallurgy, equipment for the gas and oil industries.

  • 2013 December

    – December 2013, reorganization and optimization of production was carried out, some of the assets were sold, research and engineering structures were transformed into an innovative engineering enterprise INMET – an innovative research center-technopark “Skolkovo”, Moscow.

  • Today

    “INMET” today is an innovative engineering company that specializes in the development and supply of equipment for compact high-tech metallurgical complexes. The bank of patents for inventions and valued assets of the company currently exceeds $ 100 million. Innovative technological solutions, backed up by years of experience, provide significant competitive advantages and high investment attractiveness of metallurgical projects offered by INMET. Separate models of machines and units, such as horizontal continuous casting machines, Specialized centrifugal injection molding machine SZLM (Z-concast), Continuous centrifugal injection molding machine NCWM (ZW-concast), etc., which form the basis of the Casting-rolling units of the new generation, are superior in technical characteristics All known world analogues and have a patent priority.
    Today, INMET actively participates in projects for the creation of metallurgical industries in the Territories of Advanced Socio-Economic Development (TOP) in Siberia and the Far East. These are the metallurgical complex “SAMET” at the Torre Zarechie, Nizhny Bestyakh, the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, and the metal rolling plant RM-Steel, and the Torrent Bolshoy Kamen Vladivostok. INMET also fulfills orders for the supply of equipment from all well-known large international manufacturers of metallurgical equipment.
    INMET is a reliable partner in the international market of metallurgical equipment and technologies.