Profile from
a strip billet

Production of a building profile from a strip billet

Energy efficient technology and equipment for the production of a building profile from a strip billet



A new technology and equipment has been developed for producing hot-rolled construction profiles (angle, channel, etc.) with an increased level of rigidity from a rolled strip blank.

The new production technology is based on the use of local heating of the strip in the zones of formation of stiffness angles of the building profile, followed by draft of the strip in the transverse direction to create longitudinal thickenings on the strip in these zones with their subsequent rolling to form angles of the profile of increased rigidity.

A distinctive feature of the proposed technology from the traditional methods of obtaining a curved profile from a strip billet is that it becomes possible to produce hot-rolled high-rigidity rolled products from a strip billet, while h≤hzag ≤3 * h, where h is the thickness of the profile flange, hzag-thickness strip blanks.

The technical result of the proposed technical solution is the expansion of the technological possibilities for the production of large shaped building profiles from strip blanks with a thickness of hzag≤10 mm. Improving the quality of the manufactured structural profile with the thickness of the strip blank hzag from the interval h≤hzag≤3 * h, where h is the thickness of the shelf of the shaped construction profile.



Fig 1.

The sequence of technological operations
17 – shaped building profile; 18 – longitudinal thickening; 19- angle of rigidity of shaped building profile

Fig 2.

Roll cassette in section
2 – strip; 5 – the body of the roller cassette; 10.11 – gas burners; 12 – rolls for lateral crimping of the strip; 16 –pressure hydraulic cylinders; 21 – the mechanism of data rolls; 22 – hydraulic drive

Fig 3.

Scheme rolling process line shaped construction profile of flat blanks
1 -Drum; 2 – strip blank; 3 – uncoiler; 4 – induction heater; 5-roll cassette; 6 –continuous group of rolling stands; 7 — unit for accelerated cooling of rolled metal; 8 – flying saw; 9 – refrigerator





Allows you to produce a large-sized construction profile from a strip blank when the ratio h≤hzag≤3 * h is fulfilled, where h is the thickness of the shelf of the shaped construction profile.

Allows to make a construction profile from a rolled strip.

Allows you to reduce costs per ton of production by 15-20%.

It allows you to reduce the amount of capital costs when creating new industries 2.5 times.

To improve the quality of the manufactured structural profile, to ensure the accuracy of the internal and external radii of the hardness angles of hot-rolled sections in accordance with the requirements of technical standards


  • 2002-2006

    The first studies on the development of technology and equipment were conducted in 2002-2006 at JSC Severstal.

  • 20.11.2006

    A method and installation was developed. Production method and installation have been patented. Patents SU2287382 Bul. No. 36 of November 20, 2006.

  • 2013 до 2018

    From 2013 to 2018, INMET conducted research to improve technology, which led to the creation of a new, improved technology. New method and installation have been patented, Patent RU 26078722 Publ. 01/31/2019., Bul. No. 4

  • Today

    Currently, a pilot plant is being designed, a strategic investor partner is being sought.