INMET offers services
on a three-tier system

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The company "INMET" offers a wide range
engineering and consulting services, including:
  • разработка концепции проекта;
  • development of technical tasks for the collection of pre-contract data;
  • technical specifications for the object of design and construction;
  • feasibility study;
  • business plan development;
  • examination of tender documentation;
  • consulting services in the field of metallurgy and mechanical engineering;
консалтинг при заключении технических и коммерческих договоров на поставку оборудования.
  • Research work

    INMET LLC carries out research and development work in order to identify the causes of defects in steel and cast-iron foundry products, long products, increased material and energy resources during smelting and casting of iron, steel and aluminum alloys, and rolled products.
    Develops and implements technologies that ensure maximum resistance of refractories in metallurgical plants.

  • Design work

    The company “INMET” together with LLC “StalProekt” performs all types of design work in accordance with the provisions
    SRO №NGHP-061-3711034100-1
    Design work in the course of modernization, as well as the design of a turn-key mini-metallurgical plant INMET LLC begins with the development of a technical task, collecting data for design. Then the company carries out the project design in full as a general contractor.
    INMET Ltd. develops design documentation
    (KD) on non-standard equipment.

  • Manufacture and supply of equipment for

    INMET LLC has experience in design and qualified specialists, which allows recommending both equipment suppliers and the optimal composition of main and auxiliary equipment to the Customer.
    At the stage of choosing the equipment, INMET LLC
    develops TK for each of the purchased units, then
    monitors the manufacture and acceptance of equipment,
    with ensuring guaranteed quality of equipment in accordance with the terms of the contract.
    In coordination with the Customer, he can develop a complete concept of the project and take upon himself the complete set and delivery of equipment necessary for putting the object under construction into operation.
    Delivery of equipment can be carried out under our control.
    and a guarantee of quality from the world’s leading suppliers: AGBOR, BK-Services, CVS Makina, Danieli, AIT, INTECO, ENEIS, TENOVA, SMS-concast, VAI SIEMENS

  • Project management

    INMET LLC manages the project in full, in order to maximize customer requirements.
    INMET LLC begins project management at the pre-project stage, with participation in the development of technical and commercial equipment supply contracts and engineering.
    Next, a management team is formed, a project implementation schedule is developed, contractors are selected and all organizational issues are resolved.
    The basis of project management is the development and coordination with the Customer of indicators of the degree of project implementation, which minimizes risks and optimizes the overall project costs.

  • Service, training

    When an expensive and high-quality equipment is purchased, the Customer hopes that it will function properly for years. But it does not break only what does not work. The main thing is to timely and accurately troubleshoot. This should be done by professionals with special knowledge.
    INMET LLC provides the following international level services for all the equipment supplied:

    • for ease of use, the equipment is accompanied by documentation in Russian;
    • INMET offers control panels with a Russified interface;
    • the products supplied upon request of the customer are completed with all consumables and spare parts, which ensures its long-term operation;
    • warranty liabilities apply both to our own products, and to products from other manufacturers;
    • During the entire service life of the equipment, service engineers maintain contact with the customer’s technical staff. High qualification and experience allow them to eliminate any malfunction of all equipment;
    • in emergency situations, the company’s specialists go to the customer to solve the problems on the spot.

    After the warranty period expires, INMET provides post-warranty equipment support.

  • Training.

    To handle the equipment correctly and use all its capabilities, the customer’s technical staff must learn how to work on it. For this purpose, INMET specialists, after commissioning, conduct customer training. The training program includes theoretical and practical classes on the acquired equipment. At the end of the training, a joint commission of their representatives from INMET and the customer conducts qualification examinations of trained personnel.

  • Technical and technological audit

    Technical and technological audit includes the following types of work:

    • Expert evaluation of existing technical solutions.
    • Expert assessment of existing technological solutions.
    • Development of proposals and recommendations on the organization of technical and technological measures aimed at optimizing and improving the effectiveness of relevant indicators.

    Technological audit includes the examination and development of recommendations on a set of organizational and technical measures to improve the competitiveness of existing industries and individual technological solutions. In addition, the first stage in the development of the program of modernization of production, technical re-equipment is a technological audit.
    Professionally conducted audit allows to solve the main problems in industrial complexes and industries:

    • increase in capital productivity, identification of reserves;
    • increase in labor productivity;
    • stabilization and improvement of product quality;
    • reduction of production costs;
    • expanding the product mix and entering new markets.

    INMET is an expert in the field of technology auditing. The services provided by the company’s specialists allow the Customer to get a complete picture of the necessary measures to modernize production, create and introduce new technologies and products.
    In practical terms, the main directions of technological audit can be divided into 3 stages:

    Audit of technological capabilities. The result of this stage of the audit is the formation of a package of proposals to improve production efficiency.
    Evaluation of the possibility of expanding the product line on the basis of new technological solutions. Developed a strategy for technological development of the enterprise.
    Assessment of manufacturability and prospects of the project as a whole. The result of this stage is an understanding of the vector of technological development of production and the level of its demand in the future for the next 3-5 years.
    The results obtained during the technological audit is fundamental for making management decisions and form the basis of the development strategy or modernization of the enterprise (quickly restructure production, obtain technologically sound economic assessments and forecasts of its efficiency and capital, allocate resources in accordance with priorities); attraction of financing; create market advantages.