Continuous centrifugal casting machine (СССM) for ZW-concast technology.

СССM is designed for efficient production of wire rod in riots as a part of LPA using the innovative ZW-concast technology. Annual production volume of 50 -: – 100 thousand tons per year.

Figure 1.

Figure 1. General view of СССM. 1.Stanina, 2. Upper cantilever roller, 3. Lower cantilever roller, 4. Upper refractory insert, 5. Lower refractory insert, 6. Ring ingot formation zone, 7. Ring ingot rolling zone, 8. Support rollers, 9. Disk cutting device, 10. Drive reciprocating movement of the lower refractory insert, 11. Drive movement of the lower cantilever roll, 12. Pressure ring collector, 13. Ring capacity, 14. Intermediate ring capacity, 15. Ring batching channel, 16. Ring ingot , 17. Rectangular blank, 18. The primary crust of the solid phase of the ring ingot, 19. Support rolls, 20. Radial channels, 21. The nozzles, 22. Guide wiring, 23. Finishing block of rolling stands, 24. Ring collector feeders, 25. Spherical bearings, 26. Definition sensor liquid metal level hm in the zone of formation.


Features innovative technology ZW-concast:


  1. The formation of the initial continuously cast ring ingot occurs in favorable conditions of a biaxial stress-strain state with a predominance of compression stresses. Favorable conditions are provided by the simultaneous action of the gravitational field arising from the rotation of the annular mold, and the “soft” reduction of the primary crusts of the solid phase by annular rollers in the area of ​​expansion of the initial annular ingot to the required thickness of the billet.
  2. The cross-section of a rectangular billet as close as possible to the size of the finished rolled products. The thickness of the billet is in the range of 6 -: – 12 mm.
  3. The quality level of the billet for casting defects and the fine-crystalline structure of the primary crust of the solid phase provide high mechanical characteristics of the steel with a total draw of 4 -: – 6 units.
  4. The casting speed is in the range of 15 -: – 25 meters per second, which provides a direct combination of casting with rolling without preheating the rectangular billet before rolling.
Рисунок 2.

Figure 2. The zone of formation and the zone of expansion of the ring ingot

Notation similar to figure 1.


Technical characteristics of CCCM.




Work CCCM in the Casting and rolling complex.


A rectangular billet detachable with a disk cutting device, at a speed of 15 -: – 25 m / s, is sent to the finishing 10 stand rolling unit 170/150, where it is rolled to the required rod size. Laminated wire rod passes through the line of accelerated cooling and is laid by a laying machine on a conveyor with controlled cooling. At the end of the conveyor, chilled rod is formed into a riot. Then, the riots are compacted, tied up and sent to the finished goods warehouse.

A part of the equipment of the foundry – rolling complex (10-stand rolling unit, accelerated cooling line, laying pipe, controlled cooling conveyor) is manufactured by Danieli – Italy.