Mobile compact plants

Technological equipment is mounted in universal transport modules with dimensions of 20, 40-foot sea containers. The transfer of the metallurgical complex from the transport position to the working position takes place in a short time, at low production costs.

Nano Mill, with various mobile-based options

The unique compactness of the Nano mill with the Z-concast and ZW-concast technologies allows the placement of a production line with various mobile-based options:
- car base;
- railway based;
- ship-based

Video about Nano Mill

The ship-based mobile metallurgical complex (MMC SB) has the highest degree of prefabrication of process equipment, with minimal costs and deployment time in working position. The costs and terms of relocation of MMC SB from one processing site to another are also minimal.

The prospect of mobile-based metallurgical complex due to the emergence of the following additional competitive advantages:

– The presence of a significant difference in the price of scrap metal at the place of its primary accumulation or at the place of dismantling of the metal-intensive object (180 -: – $ 210 / ton), and the average market price for scrap metal (350 -: – $ 380 / ton). This difference reaches 180 -: – $ 200 / tn, while the total costs of MMC redeployment do not exceed 20 -: – $ 25 / ton (with an average frequency of relocations 1 time per month, and MMC productivity is 5 thousand tons rolled per month).

– Small terms of creation of MMC – 6 -: – 9 months.

– There is no need to buy land for the metallurgical plant.

– There is no need for an approved plant project.

– Autonomy for electricity and all major energy and coolants.

MMC’s activities are aimed at improving the environmental situation in the region with the possibility of obtaining additional preferences from environmental funds and programs. In contrast to the activities of stationary metallurgical plants, for many years causing a heavy environmental burden on the environment. A short-term environmental load during one or two months of MMC operation at a separate facility does not lead to irreversible negative consequences and does not exceed the self-restoration threshold of the ecosystem.