Press room


April 2019

The beginning of the design work on the creation of the ore-sorting complex

The technology of radiometric separation (RRS) was developed at the Irgiredmet Institute in Irkutsk


April 2019

Meeting with the Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation Arkady Dvorkovich


April 2019

The second international conference “Innovations for corporations”.

The second international conference “Innovations for corporations”, dedicated to the topic “NextTech for business”. More than 500 business experts met at the conference site. The event was attended by over 70 speakers and 150 companies


April 2019

Lipetsk takes a start-up tour

Lipetsk became the next city where I stopped the Open Innovations Startup Tour for two days.


February 2019

Acceptance of an induction steel-smelting furnace with a capacity of 5 tons at the plant Induktoterm.

The working group of “INMET” specialists carried out commissioning works on the induction steel-smelting furnace at the “Induktoterm” plant.