Nano mill

Nano mill

Nano mill, a centrifugal continuous casting technology (ZW-concast) for the production of wire rod coils.

Innovative technology and equipment of a compact metallurgical complex for the production of wire rod in riots according to GOST 30136-94, with high production efficiency with limited volumes of 50 -: - 100 thousand tons per year. The basis of the new rod production technology is a new generation casting and rolling unit. Figure 1

Figure 1.

Figure 1. General view of Foundry rolling unit of a new generation. 1. Continuous centrifugal casting machine; 2. Flying shears; 3. 10-stand finishing rolling block 170/150; 4. Hardening line; 5. Stacker of loop;  6. Conveyor with controlled cooling and compacting coils.


The main features of the new technology:

  1. The formation of the initial continuously cast ring ingot occurs in favorable conditions of a biaxial stress-strain state with a predominance of compression stresses. Favorable conditions are provided by the simultaneous action of the gravitational field arising from the rotation of the annular mold, and the “soft” reduction of the primary crusts of the solid phase by annular rollers in the area of expansion of the initial annular ingot to the required thickness of the billet.
  2. The cross-section of a rectangular billet as close as possible to the size of the finished rolled products. The thickness of the billet is in the range of 6 -: – 12 mm.
  3. The quality level of the billet for casting defects and the fine-crystalline structure of the primary crust of the solid phase provide high mechanical characteristics of the steel with a total draw of 4 -: – 6 units.
  4. The casting speed is in the range of 15 -: – 25 meters per second, which provides a direct combination of casting with rolling without preheating the rectangular billet before rolling.
  5. The rolling mill group consists only of a finishing 10 cage rolling unit with group drive.
  6. The weight of the riot is equal to the weight of the liquid metal in the steel-casting ladle and is 2.5 -: – 5.0 tons.

The table shows the technical characteristics of the Compact high-tech metallurgical complex for the production of wire rod in riots with an annual output of up to 50 thousand tons.




The considered new metallurgical technology allows to reduce capital costs per ton of production by 2.5 -: – 3.2 times. Unit capital costs are reduced to 210 -: – $ 250 / ton.

The reduction in specific capital expenditures was achieved due to:

  • reduction of energy intensity and material consumption of technological equipment;
  • reduction of production space per unit of output;
  • the lack of unique steelmaking, steel-casting and rolling devices and mechanisms that require a high level of crane runways and high lifting capacity of cranes.

The considered metallurgical technology also allows to reduce production costs by 20 -: – 25%. Reduced production costs achieved by:

  • use of the workpiece with dimensions as close as possible to the size of finished rolled products;
  • exclude preheating of the original billet before rolling;
  • the absence of excessive rolling strain during the formation of the finished profile;
  • increasing the percentage of the dimension of rolled metal and yield to 0.985;
  • reduction of the number of production personnel and support services.

Figure 2. Shows the layout of the production building of the compact High-tech metallurgical complex

Рисунок 2.

Figure 2. Planning of the High-tech metallurgical complex.
1. Production span ,
1.1. Induction steel-making furnace IST -5,
1.2. Specialized continuous centrifugal casting machine,
1.3. Finishing 10 –stand rolling block,
1.4. Hardening line ,
1.5. Stacker of loop, controlled cooling conveyor,
2. Scrap metal preparation site,
3. Mechanical repair site,
4. Finished goods warehouse,
4.1. The correct cutting machine.

The High-tech metallurgical complex production building consists of two spans 145 meters long and 18 meters wide. In the first span, the main production is located; in the second span, there is a scrap metal preparation section, a mechanical repair section, and a finished goods warehouse. In the warehouse of finished products placed correct-cutting machine for the production of rebar rod reinforcement of various lengths under the order.

Technological equipment of the finishing 10 cage rolling block, accelerated cooling line, laying ply, controlled cooling conveyor is manufactured by Danieli-Italy.